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MacMasters Nippers 2023

Macs Maniacs

Sunday 9am

Beach Sprints, Flags and March Past;  Brittany Craft is our beach sprints coach and Flags coach.

This training consists of correcting style, learning  to start properly and hopefully get faster. The session will include a series of stretching and other physical activities like skipping as this helps with speed.

Training for flags will be held on a Friday however the date and time is to be confirmed.

March Past Coaches are Kym Lauchlan & Hayley Hogger

March Past; This is one of Surf Life Saving’s original events and represents the traditional discipline of a surf lifesaver. Teams, often dressed in full club swimming costumes, march in time to music around a set course carrying a surf reel, line and belt and following their standard (flag) bearer.

Teams march in formation following commands and they are judged on factors such timing, arm and leg swing, space and dressing, body carriage and presentation.

March past training will be Sunday Morning at 8.30am , however at this stage it has not commenced, but we will let you know when it is up and running. The March past team is usually made up of the R&R teams, however we encourage other children to come along and learn.

Board Training. Trent Martin is our surf coach and holds training for board, swim, board rescue, and iron person twice a week down at MacMasters Beach on Wednesday and Friday.

Jan Sillato will assist Trent with the board coaching and will work with the younger age groups and those not fully confident and competant, but will help them develop and gain confidence on the board and in the ocean. Wednesdays are at the lagoon at MacMasters Beach.

  • Wednesday –    Nipper boards 4.15pm – beach (Trent)  and  lagoon (Jan)

    Racing mals 5.15pm – beach (Trent)

  • Friday –               Nipper boards 4.15pm – beach (Trent)

    Racing mals 5.15pm – beach (Trent)

R&R The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) competition provides the opportunity for SLSA members to demonstrate in a competitive manner some traditional rescue and resuscitation techniques used in Surf Life Saving.It is a vital skill for all to learn and because you practice it over and over again you will never forget it.

Our coaches are TBA. Teams train whenever suits the whole team. If anyone is interested in learning R&R they need to contact any of the Nippers office bearers.

We encourage all the kids to give training a go as it will benefit them in so many  areas including  strength and endurance. Please note that it is up to the coaches to decide on the teams for competition purposes.