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Surf Boats

A surfboat (or surf boat) is an oar-driven boat designed to enter the ocean from the beach in heavy surf or severe waves. It is often used in lifesaving or rescue missions where the most expedient access to victims is directly from the beach.

Surf boat lifesaving is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. Surf boat crews are trained in life saving skills as well as boat handling techniques.

The club is renowned as a ‘surf boat’ club’ with, from time to time and generally  senior, under 23 year and junior crews competing at the different levels of competition available through the Central Coast Branch, Surf Life Saving NSW and Australia..  The historic relationship between the Norman Family and surf boat lifesaving and the particular context of MacMasters Beach has resulted in the club having an enviable record  in surfboat competition with most years resulting in success for multiple of the club’s crews.  The club has eight surf boats due in a material support of Greenstone Partners which has frequently provided very generous financial support and the Sisters of St Joseph at Kincumber who make their boat shed available to the club for its the housing of the club’s surf boats.