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Barefoot Cafe - Coffee and Meals

Sun: 9am - 11am


Existing Members

To renew your club membership  follow the pricing in the membership plans and fees below and complete one of the simple options following:
1. Go the SLSA Members Portal, login and renew (or create an account if required)
2. Download the paper membership form by Clicking Here and email/fax or drop it back to the club in person

Single Membership Plans & Fees

Active Member
$ 55
  • All Adult (senior) Categories
  • Including Bronze Medallion
*contact the club for more info
1st Child Nippers Membership
$ 100
  • 1st Child Nipper Membership $100
  • 2nd child Nipper Membership $80
  • 3rd child Nipper Membership $70
  • All U6 & U7 Nipper Memberships $50
*contact club for more info

Amanda Seyfried

Active - Training Officer

Amanda joined the club 5 years ago and has since completed her training officer qualifications and now teaches surf safety to all the new nippers and cadets in the club


Sandy Gershin

Active - Bronze Medallion

Sandy is a valuable surf club member who received her Bronze Medallion award 3 years ago and is a key part of our ongoing Patrolling duties